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Law Enforcement Training: Why Wait Every Six Months?


Why wait? To train that is. This day and age, most agencies can’t afford to train, or outsource training, every week, month or even quarter. It could be shooting, technique or even your mandatory yearly hours. Agency budget usually can’t fit but so much in. So how does one go about self education?

Its going to start with a little leg work.

So, first, there are a ton of companies willing to provide training to you. The only problem: finding a creditable one. Several companies out there are full of crap. Some wannabe with a website and too many Chris Costa DVD’s sitting in a garage waiting to take your money.

Find out the local hype about the company. Does the local agency know about it and use it? Does the company have a history of producing good product?

research, my friends

So after establishing the have from the have not’s, we must find out if it’s something that is going to benefit your state licensing regulation.

Agencies that are accredited or agencies with a professional standards division typically will not approve training with cost if it doesn’t contribute to you state hours of education. So cost, legitimacy and quality is considered leg work for you to find.

Another consideration to one’s education is free courses that provide hours. Yes I said free and yes they offer hours. Now in VA the NRA headquarters, or what most liberal call Hitlers Eagle’s nest, provides LEO only specific class at no cost and can be considered Career Development hours. They understand that agencies can’t front the cash for the class so they stick a neck out for you. And yes the classes are legit.

PreSys group is a TCCC combat med class that is put on by a good group of guys. They are nationally recognized and would cost upwards of $500 -$800 to attend. LEO specific and at no cost to you. Plus, you walk out with tourniquets, gift packets and the hours to count. Not selling anything but this is just one of many FREE courses they offer. So basically put, NO REASON TO NOT BE GOING TO TRAINING.

I was once told that this is the hardest job to get but the easiest to lose. I have seen it and will not subject myself to that due to lack of training.

Laws, technique and methods change on the fly every year. If you consider the amount of training required by an agency, you are only getting a days worth of updates a year.

Defense Attorneys, criminals and media are researching, looking and hunting for ways to beat the system. It’s on you to stay ahead of it.

Now one problem most officers run into is “we didn’t need/do it back then, we don’t need/do it now”. This is deadly to one’s career and life. Have you ever heard “don’t be that guy”? Well don’t! Stay ahead and leave the nay Sayers to their own demise.

Lastly, If you don’t have the time to practice saving your life to come home to your family, shadow train at home, empty and make safe your weapon when the kiddies are asleep and practice draw strokes on Diane Feinstein while watching C-SPAN. Or, practice court testimony while driving to court and or stand in front of a mirror and try getting to the equipment on your belt with both hands.

Anything to help you understand, this is not a job….IT”S YOUR LIFE and it depends on it.

I hope this little message address or brings forward the thoughts of what to do next. One debate that could help rectify the current belief in Law Enforcement could be more government funding in training. If you want smarter officers, send us grants to train more with better equipment. Don’t handicap us by giving us Nerf guns and telling us to defuse a riot. Actual training, detailed and updated training.

Please be safe tonight as you go on watch……till then.

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