The American Condition

tattered flag

By Deputy Gage Donnell    

All opinions expressed are those of the author and do not represent the opinions or policies of any organization                   

America, the ­former heavyweight champion of the world. We had once been a country founded on principle, hard work and even a little known word today known as independence. The country, in the past decade, has quickly changed into a modern dark age. We have seen in the past a generation have its proverbial “ups” and “downs”. This is a different kind of “down” and we aren’t ready for it.

Today the U.S of A is made up of double standards, lies, CRIPPLING emotional coddling and a dash of severe incompetence. So what drove us to wallow in utter stupidity?

Was it technology?

How did a decade pass and we manage to drive generations of hard work down the toilet.

I would start by addressing the things wrong with us at least by my opinion. To preach this as fact would definitely put me on someone’s watch list.

So, we live in a country that:

  • has educational institutions that bans a symbol of their county that stands for independence and labels it as a racist symbol and a source of governmental oppression.
  • has a citizenry that will tell you to start living a certain way which benefits the lazy and maximizes funding for welfare via taxes but if you don’t agree, well then you are “un-American”.
  • The police are subject to such ignorant and out of touch scrutiny that they can’t protect their communities, let alone themselves. If they do however go against the grain they are burned at the metaphorical stake and the people rally in chants against the officer’s life. Damned if you do but then damned if you don’t.
  • The military standards are diluted to such a degree that make the militaries of third world countries cry in laughter. They take which once was the most feared fighting force in the world and cut it, de-fund it and stomp regulations into its face until we have a better chance of going to war with Canada. No offense. Yes we are still striving for the highest tech advancements in war but that is due to the lingering leadership that won’t stand down against a child fighting wars from an arm chair.

Which brings us to politics.

We have had political icons in the past that have squashed communism, fought off nuclear annihilation and even held a country together as it was killing its self in the fields of Virginia. No, they weren’t always perfect, but now we have leaders whose only legacy is plausible deniability. Which, my friends, is a topic for another time.

Our citizens run on a fat, lazy, impulsive instinct with no forethought to the future. We are raising a generation of blind losers turned bitchy whiners.

Working with your hands is taboo and working the system is almost customary. So I guess I can only ask, where do we go from here?

Before you prepare your statements to call me an “Un-‘Merican” Judas. Let me explain myself.

We are far past repair and damage control. We need to look at a re-birth. We can’t live like this and be successful. What would you do in your house if a pipe broke and a flood created a slew of issues in your basement? Would you leave it there and wait for the magical obamawizard to tell someone about your problems?

No? Why?

Aside from the fact that he would just tell you that he didn’t know about it until he heard it from the plumber, I presume you would go and fix it yourself. You would cut your losses and move forward with a remodeled, better-than-before basement.

That is what needs to happen here. Shock factor. Leave all the people who don’t want to better themselves to their own devices. At this rate, I will never even taste social security so why make it harder than hard for my children.

So I wonder, could we become more strict and severe with punishment, guidelines on taxes, and political power and stop baiting each other into arguments instead of problem solving conversations? Now the first question proposed is going to be, “who gets the say”?

Well let’s look back on our forefathers for that.

Instead of telling everyone they’re winners, why don’t we start looking out for our country instead of ourselves? After all, without the country I fought for, I wouldn’t have a home.

So I implore you to stop looking for ways to undercut, chastise, criticize and blame. Start working with each other and start pulling your weight.

Use common sense to accomplish the task. Even if it involves working. If we continue, we will fall and all of our pillars of life will have been built for nothing.

We have rules, amendments and bills that still work. we are just too busy trying to find ways around it.

be thinking about it…..

‘Till next time

10-8 I’ll be back in service.

Deputy Michael G. Donnell #578

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office


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